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Our Process

Our Process

Many personal care products highlight the use of "advanced science" and focus on the latest ingredient news. Others choose instead to highlight their "natural ingredients" and emphasize a minimalistic approach to skin care. Puristics® combines the best of both philosophies through a process we call Engineered Simplicity.

Engineered Simplicity uses the latest science to unleash the power of naturally occurring ingredients and compounds, and then combines them in a unique way to produce a product that is both effective and safe. That's the Power of Pure.

Among the innovations resulting from our Engineered Simplicity approach are our unique Puristics Totally Ageless anti-aging skincare formulas which combine two important, natural ingredients -- a yeast ferment and a protein peptide -- in a unique anti-aging complex using a method we call "Clearblend Technology ™". The yeast ferment and the hexapeptide-11 (one of the few peptides that is derived from natural sources) work in combination to help support the natural ability of skin to produce collagen, an essential building block for resilient, healthy looking skin. By taking these two potent, all-natural ingredients and blending them in unique ratios through a special fermentation process, we have created a proprietary complex, we call Puristics Peptide complex (patent pending). Furthermore our formulas were tested in a clinical trial and resulted in significant improvements in firmness, elasticity, moisture levels and the reduction in the the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Puristics Totally Ageless anti-aging skin care formulas are just one example of our commitment to Engineered Simplicity, part of our overarching belief in the Power of Pure products.

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